Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Am Not A boy....

boy Robert
I know many of you are wondering why I have it titled I am not a boy.  Well more and more lately I am looking at myself as not being a boy anymore.  I know that I am young and I am conisdered to be a boy by all.  Unsure exactly what I am trying to say, I know that I am a boy but there are times that I am not a boy.  I know that I hold boy titles and I know that I am going to be competing for Great Lakes Leatherboy in August.  I am a boy when I need to be and I show respect for those that I know have earned that respect from the community. If you come to me and start barking orders I may obey you for a moment but I will most likely ask you were you earned your title as Sir, there are many out there that consider themself a Sir and bark orders expecting people to obey them all the time....sorry but if You haven't earned that title from the community then you havedn't earned it from me....
Essentially I am just typing this blog just as a place to vent and not really be criticized by anyone for venting. I know that I need to learn more leather protocol, but as many people have said to me I am only 23 I should be out having fun and not on the search to be someones collared boy, I do agree with that.  I am always off having fun and being me, but I really need to pull myself back together and be me again!  I know this blog is just sounding weird, just relax and read on, I may not always have the right things to say but I just need to think by typing and its easier that way for me.
Ok back to me. Sorry just thinking a lot everyone, please just be here for me when I need someone to talk to, it makes things easier for me!  I am essentially just saying I am not actively looking for a collar from anyone, I haven't really been searching for that but I have thought about it a lot, seeing other brothers of mine get collars just makes me sad and feel like I have done something wrong to not earn one. BUT I know i am NOT ready for one. 
That being said I think I have made my point mainly to myself not to anyone else. I am writing this just to look at it and see exactly what I am thinking about, hopefully that makes since.  I have decided to change my 'tag line' it will no longer be 'Giving From The Heart' it is now going to be 'I may not be the boy YOU want me to be, I am the boy I want to be!'.  The reason why I am changing it is because I want to be known for me being me, I can't be me is I am trying to be something that YOU want me to be. I hope that makes since to everyone, it makes since to me. 
With all this being said really I want to say sorry if I bored you with this blog, other wise I am proud of what I have posted and I am proud of where I am going with myself!  I am boy Robert, I am the boy I want to be, the boy I will continue to be!  I am the First Runner Up To American Leatherboy, the 2010 Ohio Valley Regional Leatherboy and the 2010 eXile Leather boy, I am Mama's Army Cub, all in all I am PROUD TO BE ME!!

Thanks For Reading!
boy Robert
'I may not be the boy YOU want me to be, I am the boy I want to be!'

May need to rethink that tag line, seems a little to long o_o

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  1. Don't give up and enjoy the ride.

    I felt the same way you do and then out of the blue I was titled a SIR and inducted into momma's family.