Monday, May 1, 2017


Sorry if this seems jumbled and repeating, but I feel like an updated is needed.  Especially after such an amazing CLAW!!

         I believe I am going to take a note off of Survivor from a few weeks ago, and use the word Metamorphosis.... Many of you have seen me from before drugs, to using drugs, to after, and now..... I have evolved tremendously, and in such a positive way.  Last year I was still in a shell, this year, I broke out and was back to who I was when I began the journey!! This past weekend I felt back to my "norm", and was smiling, all happy, and just being me.  I want to thank every single one of you that came up and hugged me, or had something to say about you being scared for me.  I was scared as well, but I didn't know how to help myself at the time. 
         I remind you that I RARELY go to meetings for my addiction, but I deal with it on a daily basis.  There are many days I have urges to use, just to lose a few pounds and to have a good sex time.  But even then, sex is amazing without the influence of drugs, that is one thing I've finally been able to understand.  I don't drink to get drunk, I don't drink all the time either.  Which I am extremely proud of myself for this.  I did not replace drugs with alcohol, I basically replaced drugs with school, work and me. 
       There is much more that can be said right now, but I believe this is a great ending point.  For those of you that didn't know I had a drug problem, you know now.  For those of you that have had my back and sit back not knowing how to help, thank you for just being there.  That support whether you helped or not, was much more needed than anything.  To anyone that knows someone having an issue with addiction, I remind you that all you have to do is express to them that you are there.  If you express you are there, they will know that someone is caring for them even if they don't think anyone cares.  I have been in this spot, I know what it feels like.