Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ellen Page

You can't just share a article just by reading the headline. YOU HAVE to watch the article about Ellen page, she is 26 and she came out to the nation on Feb. 14.  Her speech is something that I believe anyone questioning themselves or there sexuality should watch it, even parents should watch her speech as well. I love the fact that she air quotes 'norms' it comes back to some of the things that I bring up OFTEN. I know I don't fit any one persons stereotype of a 'normal' gay guy. No one fits a 'normal' type of anything. I believe that the word 'normal' should just be eliminated. No one is ever 'normal', every single person is unique. I know I am different than any other 25 year old with HIV, I am different than any other leather boy in the leather community, also know that I am different than any other chef in the culinary industry. Me being different is what has been helping me get through the tough times I have had in the past and its going to keep pushing me further than ever. Ellen Page I thank you. You have had my support, and you will continue to have my support, keep acting and popping out some great movies.