Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oraquick HIV Home Testing....

So....This was a question I posted on FaceBook earlier this week.....It was just a test to judge peoples opinions and what not which is what I am starting to do more and more......I asked everyone what there opinions were on the Oraquick HIV Home Testing kit.  These kits can be found at RiteAid, CVS Pharmacy and a few other pharmacy's that are named on there site.  Some of the opinions were positive but the majority of them were negative.  A few of the people that responded said that it was a good idea to do it in your own home, but others say no, only because if the test were to come back positive and you were alone that you are at your own risk and things may happen, and not in the good way.  Understandable, I know when I found out that I was HIV + my first instinct was 'Might as well end my life now'  but obviously that didn't happen, I have grown so much from that day til now.

So my opinion......Truthfully it is something that I am kind of indifferent about.  If you know that you are playing safe, if you know for fact that everyone you have played with is HIV - go ahead and get the home test.  If you play bare and you are always risking it, go get tested by someone.  Hell truthfully save yourself the money.  Go get tested by someone they are typically free test, usually the exact same Oraquick test that I am talking about here.  That person that is administrating the test will really be informative and will typically answer all the questions you have about testing, safe sex, some have information on STD's and truthfully that person will kind of be the breaking point of choosing life or death.  When I say that I mean if you go and test positive there is a high possibility that you will think that, I know I did and i know of others that did as well.  But when I went and got tested my counselor was there and she talked with me and just made me feel so much better about myself, and even made me feel better knowing that I can live with it and live a happy healthy life.  Four years later look at me, I am living happy, healthy and right now FULL life.  I am very proud of what I am currently doing and even more proud of the accomplishments I have accomplished!!!!

Ok...So that I have talked about going to places to get tested for HIV.  Some of the places I know of here in Cleveland, OH are the Free Clinic (, Project S.A.F.E. (, FLEXSpas Cleveland (Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri 4p-8p), these are the current places that I know of that gives HIV testing, all offer FREE HIV Testing!  The place that I tested in Tulsa, OK that has a amazing counselor that made me feel so comfortable is called Health Outreach Prevention Education also known as H.O.P.E (  If you live in Tulsa, OK please contact them they are very informative!  If you are looking for places in your area that does HIV and STD testing just google it, or talk to people in your area that you know go get tested on a regular basis.  If you are Negative I suggest to go get tested every three months, more if you play bare.  If you are Neg or Pos still go get STD/STI testing on a regular basis.....

Ok I am off my little soap box for now....But I hope everyone realizes I AM NOT forcing safe sex on anyone, I am blunting just suggesting everyone to get tested on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading everyone!
boy Robert

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