Thursday, March 22, 2012

boy Pup

So this is the update that I tell you all what I am going to be called when I am in my pup mode.  Well guess what, it won't be in the blog til the very end.  I have been thinking about this more and more and then yesterday a friend and I were talking.  He says that if I were to be considered a boy, why would I want to also be a pup.  The reason why is that I am primarily known as a boy but more and more I want to be playful and I feel as a boy I can not be as playful and fun as a pup can.  All in All I am the same boy, just like to have fun which is where the pup comes from.  So random thoughts about today, I took Bill to work today and then after I took him to work I went right to the gym and worked out for a bit. I then decided that since I am planning on wearing leather shorts this weekend for this event I should go tanning for a bit, well I didn't want to tan for very long since i was scared I would burn so I only laid in the bed for ten minutes.  Well congrats, I am BURNT! Yes I know laugh now I know that's what you want to do lol.  So I know this is just a small blog but truthfully I don't know what else to write right now.  This Saturday I will be MJ's cafe for Ohio Leather Alliance's Beauty Bondage show, so I really hope to see people come out!  By the way this event is the reason why i went and tanned, I will be wearing my sexy ass leather shorts!  Also Beanie Pup is the name that I have chosen with the help of my friend Rick Pup Tripp Hutchings, Thank You for the help Pup, you are awesome!  The reason why I chose that is because I have my leather beanie cap and love wearing it, in terms that makes me unique and I chose Beanie Pup kind of odd but my other nickname is Leo and it seems that almost everyone and there grandfather have that name lol.

Hope This Was a Ok Blog.....
boy Robert
Beanie Pup

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TBRU, Mr Friendly and boy!

boy Robert First Runner American Leatherboy 2012
I really just want to start this blog out with saying WOWOWOWOW!!! 1,704 Bears, Cubs, Otters, Chasers and everything in between! TBRU was great, myself and Dave were able to pin at least half if not more than that with Mr Friendly.  It was such an amazing time and amazing to get the word out of fighting the stigma of HIV with the bears.  I have learned so much this past weekend about myself, the bears and learned more about Mr Friendly :).  I am so happy to have been apart of Mr Friendly this past weekend and continue to go further with it and help Dave more and more!  I have been asked to work the booth at IML for Mr Friendly and I am very much thinking about doing that!  Myself and Dave attended the Big D Bear Dance on Friday and he worked with the Sister's of Perpetual Indulgence, I was off dancing and drinking and having fun with a really hot cub.  Saturday I worked the vendor market and had fun hanging out with the great guys of Modern Bear, they are awesome!  I then went to TMC and The Round Up later in the evening and celebrated TBRU with Lobo Al for his birthday which was Sunday. He is a great guy, and glad to have celebrate his bday with him! I also pinned a few more Sisters on Saturday that had yet to be pinned by Mr Friendly.  Sunday was 'Church' at the Hidden Door and OMG it was HOT and PACKED! I think I groped more bears Sunday then I did all weekend long, I was a naughty cubby there drinking draft beer for $.50! Later in the evening I was hanging out with the Dallas Bears and the volunteers at the volunteer party and having a great time.  I went and hung out with Dave and John we headed out to the Eagle, and JR's while we were at JRs I met the current Mr Texas Leather and we all chatted and had fun.  Syn, if you read this I want to say Good Luck and I know that you will do TX amazing!!!  So wrap up of the night I fell asleep on John's couch, better yet I passed out on Johns couch lol.
So the good things about this past weekend is that I will be having a HUGE Fundraiser starting soon that will go through July and I will announce the winner in July.  I was given a seven night stay at a condo in Kona with airfare included. The money raised will help benefit me to go to Great Lakes Leather boy in August.  I will be posting the details soon!  I have realized that the boy in me is not just a boy anymore, I have slowly started to evolve more! I have a pup in me that is going to start showing more and more soon!  I hope that people are fine with me making the growth into a pup boy/ boy pup.  I have been thinking about this more and more lately and want to actually start acting like me. 

I hope that this is a good blog that anyone can enjoy. It is just essentially talking about me and the things I am doing to try and expand me.  I hope that everyone likes the blog.

boy Robert
Mama's Army Cub
'I am proud of the boy I am becoming'

Also want to say GOOD LUCK to my amazing brother boy John! Win MidAtlantic Leatherboy! You deserve it! Love You brother!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Drill Update

So this may be a rarity for me lol two updates in a week! This one is just really random lol. I spent Friday with my friend Randall, he picked me up at the airport on Friday then we went to lunch then walked around the mall and looking for some nice clothes for me to wear for TBRU, sadly I could not find anything what so ever.

Obviously this isn't all I wanted to say but for some reason I just stopped writing lol. I have another blog update going through my mind right now and I will update it later :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Thursday Update


Hey everyone, its been about a week or two since I have updated and just wanted to touch base.  I am fine, just EXTREMELY exhausted right now! I have worked for the last 7 days now.  At least I am going to have a somewhat slow weekend at drill like I usually do.  I am supposed to do a Psychal Training Test (PT) this weekend but I am bluntly going to tell my commander I am exhausted and I am starting to get sick there is NO WAY in hell am I even going to be able to finish a test better yet pass one. 
Ok other than that I am working SLOWLY on events I am going to start planning out shortly.  TBRU. CLAW, IML are just about here! TBRU is only two weeks away and CLAW is about a month and a half away! Time to SAVE SAVE SAVE! Surprisingly today we got a small $100 bonus at work which no one was expected that!  Hmm that is going to help me with some of my bills that I am trying to pay this month (ie Phone, Gym and especially RENT). 
On my 'leather boy' life I have just been sitting back, watching those in the community.  I am not acting, or trying to help those that are close I am just going to watch.   I was supposed to be a 'Official' Emcee for events and things for a organization I am apart of and held a title for, hmmm I guess since I work, have drill and really don't have time to go to Columbus for events I was voted out....Eh oh well...C'est La Vie.  I don't see a purpose of co-hosting a contest either, I did perfectly fine with it last month on my own why does someone have to be added to the mix. Oh well....once again C'est La Vie....I may or may not be able to attend it. Better yet I may be slipping away from such organization til I feel that its something I will pursue again. 


boy Robert