Thursday, December 8, 2011

boy Oh boy

So I don't know why I titled it boy Oh boy but I did.   So this is the blog of me wanting to let everyone know the 'pitty' party i was on after ABW I am no longer on that. I have decided I am going to do what I can to make things right in my life and ensure that I stay on the track of that I am having Bill keep track of me and make sure I don't slump into a hole.  Anyone close to me want to help with that? :)
American Leatherboy 2011 boy Tyler and boy Robert
So I know that I had canceled my events for November and December and I am actually devistated that I did it. Breakfast With Santa was one of my favorite things to do in 2010, but this year it just did not come together. I couldn't find a place to host it, a event or people interested in donating time to it or even helping with getting donations for the event. So I canceled it this year, but next year it is happening! I am planning on getting things together starting in July.  I am looking for places to host the Daddy's Naughty Valentine event that I had this past Feb. It was such a fun event last year this year I want it to be Bigger!
So this boy is still getting things going very slowly...I want to find a gym close to home/work that is open either 24 hours or late that isn't so expensive. I am also looking for a school. I have decided that I no longer want to go day by day and look at myself and considering myself a slacker for not going to school, so I want to get things together and go with my original plan and finish what I started, which I want to finish my culinary arts.  So i know that this blog may sound crazy and all mixed up but i am just pulling my head out of my ass and showing people that I am growing up. I am going to be a much better boy now!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Non-Revenue Flying

So I really never complain about flying just because there is no reason to complain, but this Sunday (Dec 4) was the worst time flying standby.  I got to the airport in OKC at about noon on Sunday and was hoping to get a flight to ATL and getting into Cincinnati at 656p but that didn't happen at all, the ATL flight was oversold....So I waited around for about another four flights and each one was oversold and couldn't get me out of OKC. Well Wesley (the gate agent) was boarding the flight that left for Detroit at 525p called me over to the gate and he got me on the flight to Detroit. So i make it to Detroit and I don't have a connection til this morning at 735a, I tried to sleep in the airport but just couldn't fall asleep.....I am now up and moving and relaxing really, I had my breakfast drinking a soda and waiting to start boarding the flight. I am so excited to get to Cincy then drive a good hour home then work my 1230-8p shift tonight, this is going to be fun!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

NJ Leather Family

So I went and visited my NJ leather this week and let me just say that I enjoyed my time with them!  Daddy Tom and Danny made me feel special, I had a great time with them! I helped them put up there Christmas tree and it just made me feel like part of a family.  Sal and Dion it was great to see You guys at Tides :). Morgaine, You surprised the hell out of me but I am glad I was able to see you!! Miss Lisa, it was nice to meet You and hope to learn more about you!  Tom, thank You for pinning me with a Jersey boys of Leather pin, made me feel really special and Thank You for the honor.  But above all thank You Daddy Tom and Danny for such a great time I can't wait to visit again!

Friday, December 2, 2011

World AIDs Day

Yesterday was world aids day and it just made me reflect on the things that are going on around myself and everyone else. There is so much going on with the Occupy Wall Street, to the change of the weather, to the holiday season kicking off. In just about a month I have been HIV positive for three years, I was taking meds but my doctor took me off of the meds for the fear that they weren't working. I am in contact with my Case Manager at ARC and still waiting on a answer to why I haven't recieved my new meds that I should have been on for two weeks! I guess there are issues with the paperwork for the new meds and they may not be covered by OHDAP. This is not news that I really want to hear, I am healthy but not as healthy as I want to be. I am not wanting people to feel sorry for me, I am fine, I just think that I do have the resources around me to get what I need to keep myself healthy but there are those people in different countries that don't have resources such as I do and they are dieing from the disease. I don't really know what the purpose of this blog is and still thinking more and more about it as I type. So I end this blog stating....why did I even start writing it?