Thursday, November 22, 2012

Long Awaited Update!

So it has been a while since I have updated this mainly because I have not had much going on.
So brief update, i have a boyfriend, I'm spending Thanksgiving with him an his friends. I plan to compete for American Leatherboy in Oct!
And I got a new tattoo, the tattoo does have a significant meaning to me. The tree was essentially the main focal point and everything was added in at my request. The reason the tree looks dark I because its a representation of my tree of life, representing me and the bad things I have gone through. The bear is essentially supposed to be me, granted he looks lost but those of you that know me really well know I get lost very easily! The beanie do I really need to explain it? The beanie for some reason represents me and my playful side of being me really, thanks to Trooper Long for recommending me to get a propellor beanie! Finally the key hole, the key hole is essentially representing the key to my heart, the key to my life and how to open me to get to know the real me that many don't know.

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