Monday, February 14, 2011

Daddy's Naughty Valentine

As most of you know I had a fundraiser on Feb. 11 called Daddy's Naughty Valentine.  It didn't go as well as planned but I dealt with the issues and had fun with it no matter what!  I am proud to have had my friends out to help me especially Sir Dart who traveled in from Toronto to help participate in the fundraiser.  If you weren't able to come out to the fundraiser you sure missed Sir hog tying me and throwing me face down on the stage, which was very hot!!  You also missed me being pulled around the bar with clothespins and money hanging off of my body. Which was hot as well! The jello shots and the raffles went around, we had four different raffle baskets. This same night was also a drag show at the bar so I worked with the queens to have a good night together.  Though there were many people that kept giving us weird looks and making comments I had fun with it, and can't wait to do another fundraiser with Sir Dart again!  But if you missed this one you don't want to miss the next one I have planned.  Just think of some type of Military Maneuvers with dogtags, camo, and partially naked boys.  If you want to help out please send me a message or a email!

Once again thank you Sir Dart for making this a Fun Fundraiser!!
boy Robert