Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hey everyone, just downloaded a new app to my phone that I am testing out. Let's see if it uploads this right to my blog.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sir Ky and Myself
Hey Everyone, I know I haven't really written much on here in a while, I have had so much happening from traveling to San Francisco in May to working my ass off so much, to taking a couple of days and heading out to Utica, NY then back to work and preparing for my stepdown as the 2010 Ohio Valley Regional Leather Pride boy, to having a amazing 23 birthday with a wonderful man, to heading out to OKC, OK for two weeks and now I am back in Utica, NY til the 25th for a mini vacation and cracking down on ABW things. I am getting very excited yet nervous for ABW, its going to be a great contest to attend and participate in. 
So starting everything out here I had a blast when I went to SFO back in May, I hung out with a GREAT person! His name is SIR Chris he is a really nice guy with a big heart! He took me out to Pier 39, Fisherman's Warf, to the Golden Gate Bridge, Mrs. Doubtfire's house, the Painted Ladies, The Full House house, took me to a amazing beach the Muir Woods.  Also on top of all of that we went to Edge Bar SF and celebrated Mama's Birthday! She was surprised to see me, also she was inducted into the Ohio Leather Alliance on her birthday as well. SFO was a blast and I definitely want to go back soon!
Next thing that had happened was going out to Utica, NY and spending time with a amazing man that I met at C.L.A.W., I call him Marcus Demon, or my Demon. He is such a great guy with a big heart! He is also the main reason I had a amazing 23 birthday! Well my first visit here we went out to a Water Park in Old Forge, NY called Enchanted Forest, when we first got out to the water park the weather wasn't really that great but we stayed and as the day progressed it got better! We rode just about every water slide and it was a blast!
Well the next thing that happened was the 2011 Ohio Valley Regional Leather contest, it was my stepdown. it was sad, but I surely enjoyed every moment of it other than having to work my ass off each day of the contest then driving back to Columbus each evening for the contest. During the contest I was the Emcee of it, I introduced all the contestants and the judges. I had a blast with it!  I did give my speech on Saturday and couldn't help but cry. This year of my title was great, I enjoyed every moment of it and surely not going to stop doing what I do! 
A few weeks later it was my birthday so I flew out to Syracuse, NY on August 1 and was in Utica til the 4th of August when I flew home. When I got in on the first we went back to the house and slept because I did get in very late.  Well the morning of the 2nd we woke up and went to Verizon where I got a new phone! Woohoo WHITE iPhone 4, right after we got the iPhone we went to Red Lobster and had lunch, I had never been to Red Lobster before, but the food was great! Oh yeah they also came out and sang Happy Birthday to me. After Red Lobster we went back to the house and relaxed a bit went swimming then around dinner time we went to a place called Mitsuba I believe where his friend Molly came out and met us. The place has GREAT FOOD! If you're wondering it is a Hibatchi grill where they cook everything in front of you and they squirt Sake in your mouth.  Well as we were finishing up dinner they come out and start singing Happy Birthday...TWICE in one day! Well in order for me to get the dessert for free I had to put a mask on and dance for about two minutes, mind you i was EXTREMELY embarassed!  So I did it anyways, the best part was after I did the dance they brought out the BOX that the Sake is poured out of into a bottle and they held it over my mouth til they ran out of Sake in the box lol I was slightly intoxicated when I left.
I think the best part of the trip to Utica, NY during my birthday was what we did on my actual birthday.  Marcus and I went back to Old Forge, NY to go kayaking for my very first time. It was amazing! I loved every minute of it. I am not really that big on outdoors but it just made me feel so different and I would do it again! It was a seven mile kayaking trip that took us four hours to do and man my arms were hurting a bit afterwards.  After we left from the lake we went to Applebees for dinner, where once again I had Happy Birthday sang to me. Three times in a two day period!
Well that is the update of the last three months of my crazy life. Right now I am preparing for American Brotherhood Weekend, where I will be competing for American Leatherboy. I am excited and nervous, but I know I will do a great job during the contest! I have the support of my close family and friends also my LARGE Leather Family that I know is supporting me whether they are able to be at the contest or not.  Well all I hope that you have a great rest of the week and will see you all soon!

boy Robert
Mama's Army Cub
2010 Ohio Valley Regional Leather Pride boy
2010 eXile Leather boy