Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bear It All Teddy Bear Update

First things first, I am proud to have done this fundraiser for Providence House, and it will not be the last one I do for them! They are a amazing organization that I am proud to participate in helping! Tom Savage and I did take about 24 Teddy Bears to Providence House the afternoon of August 3, 2012 and we were given a tour of the facilities and while we were touring the facilities Molly, the one who I have been in contact with, showed us what was happening and how things were changing for the good, and how they will be able to help not just children from birth to six years old they will be able to help children up to the age of 10.  She also explained that the current housing area will be redone and worked into a nursery for sick children, she also stated that Home Depot donated all the counter tops and kitchen cabinets in the house as well.  Its just such an amazing organization and I am in works right now to have my Breakfast With Santa with Providence House if everything works out the way we are planning for it.

So the Bear it All Teddy Bear Auction happened on Fri, August 3, which was my birthday.  I first of all just want to say WOW!  I am just simply amazed at the amount of people were there and how everyone had helped out with even the littlest things.  I had boy Tom selling shots as well as my specialty of drunken gummi bears, I have Pup Hercules from St Louis and Scott O'Brien (Mr Missouri Leather 2012) selling raffle tickets, Melanie Matthews, Tom Savage (American Leatherman 2011) and myself were all the host/ess of the night.  We had a amazing line of performers, Miss Bounce 2012 herself Maya Tack, Melanie Matthews, Sonshine La Ray, Athena Ghost were all the amazing queens of the night and our sexy leather male strippers consisted of Tom Savage, Scott O'Brien and Michael Messer (Mr eXile 2012), we also had Philip McDavid running the dj booth, James and can't seem to remember the other bartenders name bartending for us.  They all did a amazing job!! Thank You all so much for the effort you put into making it an amazing night!
So the next part is the physical Teddy Bear Auction that we had on the back pool table, it went really well!  I had donations from Maya Tack, BearFilms, BrutusWear, Ohio boys of Leather, Johnny boy and Jimmy, Tom Savage, Danny Tamez (Mr NJ Leather 2012), Kristophers Touch, Matt Stearn, Bob Behnke (Michigan LeatherSIR), Woody Woodruff (IML 2012), Benjamin Burney, Dab Garner, Trinity (American Leatherwoman 2011), Master Noel, SIR Marc, Jed Ryan, and myself.  The auction was a hit, each basket had its own theme and each one was unique.  Thank You to everyone who had donated to the Teddy Bear Auction!

The last part of it all is the money, and all of the donations that were brought to Cocktails Cleveland the night of the fundraiser.  GMAC Insurance was kind enough to donate a box of about 20 bears of various sizes as well as $120.00, we also had a cash donation by a gentleman of the name 'Tall Paul', he donated $200.00 to the fundraiser.  For the performers, Jello shots, raffles, auctions and just the donations given we raised a total of $1,300.00!  This is the most that I have ever raised during a fundraiser and I am very proud of this!  I also want to thank Veranda L'Ni for assisting me at a few moments when I was having a hard time on stage I do appreciate your help, as well as your Teddy Bear donations!

I do want to thank everyone again for helping me make this into an amazing fundraiser!  I am so proud of myself, my friends, my family, the performers and anyone that came out to support myself and Providence House!  Thank You for giving me the best Birthday I have ever had, at least the best one I can remember! 

Thanks for reading!
boy Robert