Friday, September 7, 2012

Interview, School, Leather

So I am going to practice making eggs in the morning in case I have to for the interview tomorrow. I kind of hope I get the job so I can pretty much stay in Cleveland and not fly around to see friends. But I do want to see people really close to me soon though! Like Daddy Tom, I miss him! Also my sister, dad, niece, nephew, grandmother brother and little sister. I'm excited I got accepted into school an just a matter of going through and getting loan information fixed for it. As well as getting loans deferred a couple of years or so til I complete school. Think I'll go and just work on basics then possibly transfer to a four year college after or just finish everything there really. I don't know as of right now, play it by ear as many say!
This did start out as a Facebook post but I kind of have a lot on my mind and thinking about the good things I have coming my way. I need to figure out a way to get my resume printed off to take with me tomorrow and get pictures of my previous meals that I have made and take them with me to the interview seems that it usually helps to create a portfolio of the 'work' you've done.
Right now Kevin and I are heading to Giant Eagle to get some groceries that way I have food for the next couple of days. This rain is horrible! Really glad I can relax a bit tonight and en more tomorrow night, I'll be done by 1030 tomorrow night as long as everything goes wry smooth! I really like my closing teams at work more and more lately I have gone to trust them and have there backs and they mine when shit hits the fan. So random thought this has kind of become a more about me blog more and more lately and I need to update more. I need to just let everything go from my mind and I will be fine :).
As far as leather and me I am going to Chicago next week (9/14-9/17) I will be there judging the Illinois Leather Pup contest and I am very excited to me a part of this as well as putting my name on it. I support the pups and everyone everyday! Love my leather family! Thank You SIR Bear for asking me to judge the contest it means a lot to me! Not much more going on in my head right now but I do want to thank everyone for reasons this post! Also the picture posted is of me, boy Tom and boy Greg, they are great leather brothers here in Cleveland and I am proud to call them family!

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