Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So I know I said I would update everyone last week but I didn't, sorry.  Well here we go! I have talked it over with certain Daddies, Sirs/SIRS, and my amazing mentor Sir Bruce, we all have decided that I am going to compete for Great Lakes Leatherboy in August.  I  am a great boy with lots going for me and always wanting to help those of the community as well as others in need. So by taking the drive that I had with my previous two titles I am going head on and going to rock it and do my best at GLLA! 
So that's that news, the other news is that I bought a laptop today. Since I bought it I was having a buyers remorse feeling that I bought it because I wanted it not that I needed it. Well in term I do need it, I will be ensuring that when Aug/Sept roll around and I am ready for school that it will be my laptop for school, projects, and every little thing in between. I of course will still have my netbook, but I won't be using it as much as my laptop.  
Well the gym is something I am glad I did! I have gone twice since I joined last Monday, I will start tanning soon just to get that pretan going lol. I havent decided on my trip to Key West, I want to go but at the same time I could either I visit family, or something else that could be fun. Not sure yet, I was supposed to bartend down there, but the guy doesn't need me to do it now....so that's why I haven't decided on that yet...
Well everyone back to work! Glad to have you all read about me. I'm really nothing special. I am just me!

boy Robert

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