Wednesday, April 13, 2016


For those of you that knew me before I started using drugs and doing all the crazy things that I did, knew that I had some pieces of Leather and things.  I decided when I had lost almost ALL of my weight I was practically the size of a twig I gave it all to a guy in Chicago that I really did not know that well, but he and I became friends.  He took the leather and stored it for me and on occasion he wore it, which is fine, it was being used.  Well I just reached out to him about a month or two ago and asked him if he still had any of it, he said he would have to look.  So we all know that my heart sank in fear that it was missing, or that he had given it away.  Well just about a week or so ago he text me and said he found it and that he would be sending it to me as soon as he could.  I am so happy to have received that news because I haven't had my leather in over three years, so the chance to get it and recondition it and make it shine like the day that is was gifted to me will be amazing!! I believe that my Leather Heart is back and that it is honestly stronger and bolder than ever.

Just a random thought of happiness that I have for myself right now that I thought I would share with my friends and family near and far.....

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