Saturday, January 28, 2012


For those of You that do not have me on there facebook page you don't know about the good news that I received on Friday.  I have received my admission letter accepting me as a student to Sinclair Community College.  It is just a community college, but I can get my Associate of Applied Science - Hospitality Management & Tourism- Culinary Arts.  I am very excited, nervous and kind of wishing the fall would get here so I can start!  So that is my big news lol.  So on the worst day of the year (Jan. 27th) something good came out of that day! Glad to have been accepted and ready to get back to school already, I need to stop slacking off and get serious!
So unsure if I mentioned this on hre yet or not but in less than 23 days I will be on my way to Key West, FL for one big Mardi Gras Party! I really can't wait!  I have been asked to come down and bartend at a bar and celebrate Mardi Gras, I have NEVER been asked to do something so fun and amazing!  I will of course be wearing my Mr Friendly pin while there to show support.  So much is going on with me in such little time really, just hope I have fun while doing all these little things.
Not really sure what else to type up right now only because I don't know what else I should say lol. I hope that everyone has a great rest of the wekend! I get to bartend tonight at Stage Door, so if any of my Dayton friends read his come and see me tonight!

Thanks For Reading!
boy Robert

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