Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To Much....

I was told today by someone that I am to much into Leather, and to much into submission.  Well I am into leather and submission but I never that I was to much into it to much, is there any way to be into it to much?  Well the person who said this to me was just someone I was talking with on Grindr to be friends and hang out with on occasion.  He doesn't know the true me, he doesn't know that I do things for the community and I am helping those in need.  I think by me telling him that he can go screw himself, for not knowing the real me or for not wanting to know the real me, he got pissy and started trying to defend himself and saying that someone else told him things about me.....All in all I am just hearing Blah, Blah, Blah You are a leather boy and I am not interested. Blah, I don't care, I am perfectly fine being the leather boy that I am, and perfectly fine not having this guy as a friend!

Time for this boy to head to bed, I am off the next two days. Well not really off Weds I am bartending at Stage Door on Weds night. Night Everyone!

boy Robert :)

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