Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Days Away

So I usually touch base about my HIV about this time each year, in just Three Days I will have been HIV for Three Years. It has touched me, changed me, and made me grow up so quickly.  I have had to grow up so quickly through out my life and right now things are just kind of odd and awkward.  I have been on Complera for going on two months and surprisingly my counts and things have been getting better. So yeah....Jan 27th is close...
So an update on everything going on with me lately other than Three years....I have been asked to go down to Key West, FL and bartend for Mardi Gras! I am very excited for this! I will be down in Key West, FL from Feb 20-23.  As far as I know I will be bartending at Bourbon St Pub, and also bartending on the beach!  On top of that TBRU is not far from now! I will be down in Dallas for the whole weekend working the vendor market with my good friend Dave bringing the Famous Mr Friendly to the Bears!
Other than those updates nothing is really new with me.  Sorry that I dont have to much to update on....


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