Sunday, April 1, 2012


So usually March/April Easter comes into play and a lot of families spend that time together.  I am not spending time with family, I will be working on Easter Sunday.  Good thing though I think its a short flight day because its a holiday.  I just wanted to kind of make this a random blog posting like usual, well plus today is the first day or April and I wanted everyone to know that I am doing good and I am ok and all of that good stuff.  Work lately has been getting busier and busier, only because a lot of people are on vacation and going places.  I am to the point where I am not going to be traveling anywhere until CLAW hits here in a few weeks, that way I can save my money for CLAW and enjoy myself rather than stress about money the entire time like I usually do.  During CLAW I plan to have a lot of fun and spend time with my leather family, I usually see more of them then I do my real family. 
Also another random part of a update here I am growing my beard out and I am really liking the way it look, I am also growing my hair out a bit, it does need to be trimmed slightly.  I am actually hoping I can find someone at CLAW to bind me and shave my head down to a mo hawk again like two great friends of mine did for me at ABW, then Dave shaved it off in my fantasy :).  OK my shift here at work is almost over, i am going to run the last load of bags to the ramp and go wait for Bill to get off of work then we are heading home.  May be a night for leftovers I am thinking, we are both to tired to cook anything.  I hope that You enjoyed reading this and hope to see some of you all soon at CLAW!

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