Friday, April 6, 2012


So I know that I complain alot about being alone and everything but in the long run I am wrong.  I am not alone.  I have so many people that care about me whether they are here or afar.  I have also complained about not having any 'love' in my life but just lately I came to the realization that I do have people that love me and care for me ALOT. 
I want to let everyone know that I do have two Daddies that mean the world to me and beyond that, Tom and Danny you mean so much to me and I am just coming to the realization that I am Your boy and I want to be Your boy.  I want You both to be my Daddies, You are both already there for me when I am feeling down and in a lost space and I can talk to You both whenever You aren't busy.  You both make me smile, laugh and you have made me cry, but only made me cry to the realization that I know I can and will be a better boy.  I am happy and excited to spend CLAW with You both, even more excited that I can have one of my Daddies attend me to Pup 101, that means a lot to me, especially since I want to let the playful boy side out more.  I am very glad to have met You both at ABW this previous year and proud to have been somewhat by Your sides since then. 
With all this being typed/said I feel a lot better about myself and my feelings are changing a lot.  I know that they live in NJ and I know that "long distance relationships don't work well" well out of the time that we have been talking I feel like i have been growing closer and closer with them even though they are a few states away.  Danny and Tom You mean so much to me and I just want you both to know that I am always going to be Your baby boy!

Much Love,
boy Robert
Mama's Army Cub
2010 Ohio Valley Regional Leather boy
2010 eXile Leather boy

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