Thursday, March 22, 2012

boy Pup

So this is the update that I tell you all what I am going to be called when I am in my pup mode.  Well guess what, it won't be in the blog til the very end.  I have been thinking about this more and more and then yesterday a friend and I were talking.  He says that if I were to be considered a boy, why would I want to also be a pup.  The reason why is that I am primarily known as a boy but more and more I want to be playful and I feel as a boy I can not be as playful and fun as a pup can.  All in All I am the same boy, just like to have fun which is where the pup comes from.  So random thoughts about today, I took Bill to work today and then after I took him to work I went right to the gym and worked out for a bit. I then decided that since I am planning on wearing leather shorts this weekend for this event I should go tanning for a bit, well I didn't want to tan for very long since i was scared I would burn so I only laid in the bed for ten minutes.  Well congrats, I am BURNT! Yes I know laugh now I know that's what you want to do lol.  So I know this is just a small blog but truthfully I don't know what else to write right now.  This Saturday I will be MJ's cafe for Ohio Leather Alliance's Beauty Bondage show, so I really hope to see people come out!  By the way this event is the reason why i went and tanned, I will be wearing my sexy ass leather shorts!  Also Beanie Pup is the name that I have chosen with the help of my friend Rick Pup Tripp Hutchings, Thank You for the help Pup, you are awesome!  The reason why I chose that is because I have my leather beanie cap and love wearing it, in terms that makes me unique and I chose Beanie Pup kind of odd but my other nickname is Leo and it seems that almost everyone and there grandfather have that name lol.

Hope This Was a Ok Blog.....
boy Robert
Beanie Pup

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