Monday, April 30, 2012


Java boy, boy Robert
First I want to start off and say WOW!  It was an amazing weekend and so many amazing people where there that I have never met until this weekend!  First off Master Noel, SIR Marc, boy Neal and Pup Ace Thank Y/you! The four of Y/you have helped me break out of my shell more now than ever before.  Y/you helped me realize I had the Pup inside of me and I just really realized it this weekend. Thank Y/you for the help in getting me into the Pup zone.  I was able to access it a couple of times this weekend and WOW!  boy Neal, thank you for showing me how to use Hubbards, I was able to make my Daddies boots and my boots shine and look great with Hubbards on them.  Pup Ace, thank you for being the playful pup I kind of figured you were, made me think more about pup play. Master Noel and SIR Marc, thank You both for having the pup classes and pits at CLAW, also the Pup Olympixxx was awesome! Master Noel with Your permission I would love to have You as one of my mentors.  I would love to learn more about being a pup and accessing that zone more Master Noel.

To continue on from that Friday was great! Friday started off with a breakfast with Tom, Danny and Bryon, not long after breakfast Tom and Danny presented me with a collar to wear for the weekend and be in service to them.  I agreed to it.  After that Danny and I went to Pup 101 that was presented by Master Noel, SIR Marc, boy Neal, and pup Ace.  That was great!  We then went to lunch and relaxed for a while. I then had to deal with issues with the bank then I took a nap and relaxed til the afternoon/evening.  Tom, Danny, Bryon and myself went to The House of Blues with Lady Justice and other members of Her amazing Leather Family and close friends.  Thank You for that Lady Justice!  Later in the evening was the Cleveland Rocks party which actually rocked!  I was asked by Dave Watt to be on a table and have food eaten off of me, that was a lot of fun, but I was a little jealous of all the pups in the mosh pit and I was on the table watching. Made me really want to be out there with the other pups and having fun.  That is pretty much all I did that night, I ended up going to bed early Friday Night.

Saturday morning came around and I had everything planned out starting off the morning early with the Java boys then skill after skill class I wanted to attend.  Java boys was amazing! I enjoyed every second of it, it was so much fun being half naked and walking around and surprising men that are naked and half naked and delivering them freshly brewed coffee!  Well after that I went to shower and prepared to head to the market for shopping, then off to a skills class but wasn't able to attend it because I had some issues with the hotel charging my credit card and I didn't have any money. I did go to breakfast with Tom and Danny then Tom and I went to the Beginning Mosh Pit, I didn't get much into it, I sit back and watched the pups.  My friend Tom (don't know his pup name) joined the pit and I was watching on the side next thing you know I look up and I am being tackled by him, a few minutes later Beanie Pup came out and joined the pit  (Beanie Pup is me). I enjoyed the little time that I had in the pit and Tom enjoyed watching me play.  I was in my pup zone and nothing on my mind but being a pup.  After the pup pit myself and Daddy Tom went upstairs and relaxed for a few.  I then started shining leather and getting everything ready for the Titleholder Cocktail and the International Family Dinner.

As we are all showering and getting ready for the evening I got upset with the razor burn that I had on my neck from shaving.  I hate shaving!  I went ahead and threw on my leather and got all dressed and ready for the cocktail party then went down to the cocktail party with my Daddies.  As I was down there I had a few great friends come up to me and say that I am a great boy and they are very proud of me.  For them to say that to me made me feel so special and I started to cry. I have not had so many compliments about me and my leather career and I received so many this past weekend!  At the dinner I was sitting at the table with Mama beside me, then Tom, Danny, Ky, Eric, Rene, Daddy Jim, and two other gentlemen I couldn't remember there names.  I had a blast sitting with all of them, I was in service to the table and assisted in grabbing drinks and filling water glasses for everyone.  I actually enjoyed helping out with that.  As dinner was coming to a close Ky had a Fat Max that he sold tickets for to raffle it off, well Danny and Tom bought tickets for the raffle and they won! I had the tickets in my pocket so I walked up on stage and brought it to them.  Woohoo it will be in my new apartment when I get moved there.  After we get done with dinner and everything we head back up to the room and relaxed for a few minutes then we decide we wanted to go to the Gear Party out at Mean Bull. As I was getting ready, I looked at myself in the mirror and actually teared up, I looked great! So the Gear Part wasn't as busy as I thought it was going to be.  We decided to leave early because I was going to be doing Java boys again on Sunday morning.

Java boys day 2, was a lot more fun than day 1! We had a blast!  Only bad thing I can say about it is that I had to wait for the shuttle at Mama's hotel lol that took a little longer than expected.  I do want to say that I really enjoyed surprising Master Noel, SIR Marc, boy Neal and Pup Ace with the coffee service, made my day really!  I had plans to do the Burlesque Bingo later in the evening before that I was able to get flogged by Mr Myers while Tom and Danny were in the Leather Hall of Fame brunch.  I had one of the most amazing flogging sessions yet!! It made me feel so good and relaxed!  Time passed so quickly between that and the time the Burlesque Bingo started.  When Bingo came around it was time to play bingo and watch other men strip, I was the third person to strip, which was a lot of fun!  I enjoyed it very much! I did this and I never thought I would have felt so free and had nothing on my mind just did it and didn't worry about a thing.  I enjoyed it and stripped with pride!

Buffet boy Getting Marshmallow Fluff
Licked Off His Nipples
After bingo I went and showered and changed to prepare for dinner with Tom and Danny.  We started walking just to get away from the hotel.  We walked all the way to the House of Blues, the next thing you know the restaurant was closed.  So we went to The Winking Lizard for dinner, while there we ran into Bryon Hayes, Cb Kirby, Terry Laupp, Scott O'Brien, and two other individuals I don't remember there names lol. It was a great dinner and Scott ate most of the red velvet cheesecake. We then walked back to the airport and relaxed for a few minutes then we all showered and changed to head to the DREAM performance.  The performance was great, but I was so tired! I watched most of it but had to go and get a beer.  After the performance I went to the room and packed my bags, I just wanted to make sure I didn't have to rush on Monday like I did last year lol. I made it home safely went to the gym and then to the apartment and relaxed.  I have been typing on this blog for HOURS, I am just now finishing it. I have been getting distracted all day by the tv, people, calls, text and emails.  Now I am going to shower and head to bed!

This was an amazing CLAW, I am proud to have met so many people! I am proud to have added so many new people into my extended Leather Family! I needed to get away from reality and just be a leather boy, which I did all weekend.  I know I stretched myself to thin but I enjoyed the entire weekend.  Thanks to Tom and Danny for making this weekend special and thank You for making me a happy boy!

boy Robert

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