Thursday, May 9, 2013


Izzy and Myself
So...this is a blog posting about one individual in the last day that has actually made me so proud to do Team Friendly Northeast Ohio things as well as ANYTHING dealing with Mr Friendly.  Izzy is a 15 year old, who acts more mature than her age.  According to her mom she knows five instruments and now is seeking to learn how to conduct.  I had the privilege of meeting Izzy and her mom on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 when I made my Team Friendly Northeast Ohio presentation at the Blazing River Freedoms Band rehearsal.  After the presentation Izzy and her mom came and talked with me for a few minutes and well Izzy is very excited and has agreed to pass out Mr Friendly/Team Friendly Northeast Ohio material to people in her school.  Izzy, you are the youngest supporter of Team Friendly Northeast Ohio and I am VERY proud to have both you and your mom on this team.  I am essentially just writing this so people can see that it does NOT matter how old you are, or how young that we are all in the fight together to stop the stigma of HIV.
A simple 15 year old, well she is not that simple if she wants to play five instruments and learn how to conduct, but she is more than willing to spread the word to her classmates in high school.  I am 24 and I am willing to spread the word of Mr Friendly and fighting the stigma of HIV.  This is a ongoing battle and no matter what we need your help!  HIV is a ongoing problem so lets just so what we can do to prevent everyone from being let down.

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  1. She was just as impressed with you, and so was her momma!