Wednesday, May 1, 2013

boy robert

So many of you know that I have been having these crazy crazy breakdowns lately.  But after talking with family, and very close friends as well as someone from the 'outside' that doesn't know me much at all, I have come to the conclusion that boy Robert will be taking a break.

Many of you know that I have been boy Robert since I was 17 and have always been known as boy Robert.  After this weekend at CLAW I have come to realize that NO ONE knows Robert, everyone knows boy Robert.  So I am taking a break from being boy, I will be at IML, but I will be there as Robert.  I will slowly start pursuing the hobbies that I had before I started all my leather life and my charity work.  I am still going to be apart of Team Friendly Northeast Ohio as well as help with any events someone needs help with.

Can you see the change in me?
Lady Justice, thank you for talk.  Thank you for making me realize that I am pushing everyone that truthfully cares about me away, I will try my hardest to not push them away.  Master Noel, and SIR Marc, thank you for being there for me and accepting me as the crazy boy I am.  Thank you for allowing me to be a distant member of your family and allowing me to wear your family shirt.  Cb, Thank You for the talk and I am slowly working towards what we were talking about.  Dave, I do want to thank you tremendously for being there and being such a  great friend for me.  Also thank you to Master Noel, Dave and Cb for holding me when I was crying, I really needed that support and love from my family at the moments I was down.

I really hope that everyone understands this.  I know I may lose a few friends in the search of me becoming me, but I am willing to sacrifice friends to become a better Robert.  The picture attached is a picture that I took on Tuesday, April 30th 2013.  In the picture you can see the change of me in my eyes.  You can tell that I am changing for the good. Granted it is two days after I decided to start the change, but I am out in the sun walking more.  I am not in the depressed mindset that I was in before, I am finally realizing that I am loved by many.

Thank You for reading this, I really hope that everyone understands this and it makes sense.

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