Sunday, March 31, 2013

boy With The Heart of Leather....

This blog is titled 'boy With The Heart of Leather' only because that's what my 'business' cards say on them....But truthfully that's not why I am titling the blog that.  I took my little break like everyone suggested I do, it was a SHORT one, but truthfully at the time of my breakdown I was sick and just really didn't want to be around ANYONE.  I am much better now.
So...I am now calling myself the boy with the heart of leather because that's what I have.  I don't have to wear leather to know that I am a leather boy.  I may not be as submissive, obedient or whatever else other boys are, I am fine with being me.  I am not Old Guard, not really New Guard either.....I respect those that deserve the respect and truthfully I want the same in return.  I may not be the cookie cutter boy, I don't wear Levi 501's and a white t shirt, I don't tuck my shirts in.  I know that not tucking shirts in makes you look sloppy, but right now since losing weight the shirt and pants are going to untuck it anyways so just deal with it.  I may not be the 24/7 boy that someone wants to have and own, but I am the one that makes the decision on when I am ready for that.  At that moment I will petition a Sir, at that moment I would hopefully have everything in my world squared away.
To be honest recently I have wanted to just give up and hope that something/someone would just come along and end my life.  I know this is a extremely stupid thought, but it is a thought i have had.  But i look at the accomplishments I have, and the accomplishments of what I am doing and I can't give up.  I can't give up and let the world win, I am the one that will win this fight!  Yes I know it may seem like I am starting to repeat myself, but hey such is life.  I repeat myself multiples times....Guarantee there may be a few blogs that are pretty much talking about the same thing......
So the main reasoning's behind the title.  I just want everyone to know that I am a good boy, actually i am a great boy, I am a hard working, independent, rough and tumble boy that has a soft side.  I may be a eager boy to serve, I may be a depressed boy when I can't serve, but hey this is me, no matter how hard i try to change it or how I try to manipulate it I will always be this anxious, eager boy that wants to serve and be happy at doing it.  Til then, get over it.
OK, now that is said and done.....I have a few small announcements, one, I am working pretty much part-time at FLEXspas on certain nights of the week, good job, pay is OK, and I get to work out for free!  So that's the major plus.  Also CLAW is in a few weeks and i really can't wait to see what fun, mischief and mayhem i can cause!  Also i will be having a HUGE Team Friendly Northeast Ohio Announcement.....This Weds......SO if you are following the activities of Team Friendly Northeast Ohio on face will see what my surprise is!
Lastly....I am fine, I don't need everyone constantly asking me how I am.  I am as healthy as I can be, and I am fine.  Just working a lot to be able to pay my bills and try to save.....

Thanks Everyone!
boy Robert

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