Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jan. 27

So every year, for the past four years I have looked at today January 27 as a day that I would be depressed and down and not happy.  Well this year it is different.  This year I look at this day and look at it as the day that my life had changed around for the good.  January 27, 2008 was the day that I discovered I was HIV +, this day four years ago I wanted to kill myself, I thought to myself there was no point to continue and live.  I thought about this multiple times through out that year.  Instead I looked at myself in the mirror, and decided it would be the change, I would take it and mold it to make myself a better person from it.  So I did.

Today, January 27, 2013 I am proud to say I am HIV +, I am starting up the Team Friendly Northeast Ohio, I have held two leather boy titles, I am proud of the boy that I have become, even more proud of the things I am accomplishing every day! I have taken something that I looked as to be a death sentence on my mind and body and turned it into the thing that changed me for the good.  I am very proud of who I am today.  This is not a blog to ask for pity or anything like that, this is me finally realizing I am a good boy, I can overcome anything that is put in front of me!

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