Friday, December 2, 2011

World AIDs Day

Yesterday was world aids day and it just made me reflect on the things that are going on around myself and everyone else. There is so much going on with the Occupy Wall Street, to the change of the weather, to the holiday season kicking off. In just about a month I have been HIV positive for three years, I was taking meds but my doctor took me off of the meds for the fear that they weren't working. I am in contact with my Case Manager at ARC and still waiting on a answer to why I haven't recieved my new meds that I should have been on for two weeks! I guess there are issues with the paperwork for the new meds and they may not be covered by OHDAP. This is not news that I really want to hear, I am healthy but not as healthy as I want to be. I am not wanting people to feel sorry for me, I am fine, I just think that I do have the resources around me to get what I need to keep myself healthy but there are those people in different countries that don't have resources such as I do and they are dieing from the disease. I don't really know what the purpose of this blog is and still thinking more and more about it as I type. So I end this blog stating....why did I even start writing it?

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