Monday, December 5, 2011

Non-Revenue Flying

So I really never complain about flying just because there is no reason to complain, but this Sunday (Dec 4) was the worst time flying standby.  I got to the airport in OKC at about noon on Sunday and was hoping to get a flight to ATL and getting into Cincinnati at 656p but that didn't happen at all, the ATL flight was oversold....So I waited around for about another four flights and each one was oversold and couldn't get me out of OKC. Well Wesley (the gate agent) was boarding the flight that left for Detroit at 525p called me over to the gate and he got me on the flight to Detroit. So i make it to Detroit and I don't have a connection til this morning at 735a, I tried to sleep in the airport but just couldn't fall asleep.....I am now up and moving and relaxing really, I had my breakfast drinking a soda and waiting to start boarding the flight. I am so excited to get to Cincy then drive a good hour home then work my 1230-8p shift tonight, this is going to be fun!

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