Friday, December 7, 2012


Well I have began revamping my life and doing things to make myself happier.  I am so happy to started this!  First step is to remove all the negativity from my life, which I have started that!  Now the next thing I am working on is bettering my body!  I will be starting P90X, I will be devoted to doing it and I will do it every day!  I need to lose some weight and I want to try and be down to 190 by Aug.  I am currently at 215.  All the other steps in my revamping will just happen as it happens.  Not really sure what else I need to blog about right now.  But if I don't blog get back before Christmas everyone have a great holiday!  No matter what you celebrate if you celebrate just know that I am wishing you and your family a great time!

boy Robert

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