Wednesday, May 16, 2012


boy Robert and His Friend Edin
I know I stated I was not going to post anything til I made it to Cleveland and was settled, well I needed to get things off my mind.
I know it may sound like I am repeating myself, but truthfully I feel like I am always repeating myself when I type something here.  I am extremely proud of myself for going through and accepting the position and doing everything I can to make the transition to Cleveland smooth.  I have came to the realization just today really, that this is the first time in 7 years that I am not running away from something, that I am not dropping everything and moving away with very little.  I am actually walking away from a good place and going to something better.  I got a promotion, I didn't lose my job or anything, it just shows that I am proud of the job that I do and I seem to do it well.  This promotion is going to help me continue to grow and get more responsibilities and do more with myself really.  I am just extremely happy to have the support from my family as well as my friends now.  Thank You all for being here for me, this is a big step even though its a big step for the good, not the bad.
So I leave this blog saying, I have everything packed except my papers, my awards, my 3ft tall trophy i can't figure out how to pack, my printer and my bed, well bed is staying up, but everything else i need to finish packing. Thanks for reading.  Next update will be from Cleveland!

boy Robert

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